SPICA makes US performance and song debut


SPICA U.S. Bound

U.S. Single Debut And KCON Performance Next Week

July 31, 2014 - SPICA, one of South Korea’s hottest girl groups, is set to make waves in the US. The group will make their US performance debut at KCON - America’s…

SPICA’s new single “I DID IT” will be released on iTunes on 7th Aug

cr: 스피카추

Bohyung @ KBS Cool FM 89


140728 Kim Bohyung (SPICA) 김보형 (스피카) - Seoul Woman 서울 여자

Spica’s Kim Bohyung in Lee Sora’s Music Plaza. Seoul Woman (composed by Min Joo) won the Daesang (1st place) in the 24th Yoo Jae Ha Music Competition.


Park Ji Woo 

Boa came to congratulate this boy on his very first birthday


140726 Jiwon’s Instagram Update @wldnjs62

#셀스타그램 이라고 하는건가 이걸! 5시간넘게 연습실! 잠시 군것질 타임! 난 너무 힘들어서 #레드불

Top: #Selfstagram is that what this is called! Over 5 hours in the practice room! Quick snacking time! Since I’m tired #RedBull

오늘 1시부터 하루종일 미국에 가기 위한 준비를 했다. 녹초.. 박나래는 자전거타고 오고 난 쓸쓸히 귀가하는디 집 근처 생긴지 꽤 되어가는 횟집이 눈에 밟힌다아ㅜㅜ 언젠가는 꼭 선선한날 바깥에 앉아서 회 한접시에 쏘주 하는 날이 있겠지 부디 버텨주라 내 발목아

Bottom: Today we have been preparing to go to the USA all day since 1. Worn out.. Park Narae is riding her bike home and as I came home by myself a sushi restaurant that has been around for a while caught my attentionㅜㅜ Someday I am sure there will be a cool day when I will sit outside with a plate of sushi and soju so please wait until then my ankles


【 #SPICA 】 Le comeback des SPICA avec ‘I DID IT’ est prévu pour début Août. Instiz précise le 4 Août mais la B2M n’a encore fait aucune annonce officielle pour confirmer une éventuelle date. // SPICA are coming back early in August with ‘I DID IT’. According to Instiz it will be on August 4th but B2M hasn’t made any official announcement to confirm this date.


Found this on Facebook

cr to the owner


140722 Jiwon’s Instagram Update @wldnjs62

연습 끝나구 “보아언니의 술안마시면 난갈게” 로 인해 멤버들이랑 이샤님이랑 #서래마을 #잭콕

Top Left: After practice “Boa unnie’s if you don’t drink I’m leaving" led to this with the members and the director #SeoraeVillage #JackCoke
(T/N: JackCoke seems to be combination of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Coca Cola.)

#스피카 서로의 문을 여는 두드림
Bottom: #Spica opening each other’s doors through slapping
자몽#마티니 라고 들어는 보셨나! 짱
Top right: Grapefruit #martini have you heard of that! Jjang
(T/N: Jjang indicates the best.)


140722 Boa’s Instagram Update @spickimboa

부럽지롱 ~난 스피카랑 논다~~

Are you jealous ~I’m playing with Spica~~


wldnjs62: 내 옴마 구소영 선생님의 사진전 today, here,now 에서 곧 시작될 공연.. 화이팅!
그리고 찾아와준 팬들 물병 선물까지.. 너무 고맙구 행복합니다♥

너무너무 졸리지만 내 얼굴 하나 투척하구.. 아 오늘 컴터 사진첩 뒤지다보니 함께했던 사람들 다 보고싶구 추억들이 너무 소중하네요.. 보고싶구 사랑합니다아♥ x