A fan of Narae was on the Sewol ferry had passed away. Her mother tweeted to Narae that she (who also had given a doraemon mask to Narae) had passed away. Narae’s schedule for today has been cancelled.


140422 Star Beauty Show (w/ SPICA, Rania, 9Muses)

SPICA Greeting Message for 韓ON! ファイティン!!

The movie <二度目の初恋!?が、やってきた> (그 어느날 첫사랑이 쳐들어왔다) in which Narae took part in, will be in theater on 14th June in Japan

cr: http://innocentlove-movie.com/


【 #SPICA 】 19.04.2014 || Message pour l’émission We Got Married


【 #JIWON 】 20.04.2014(Crédit : Xris_mas)


Do you know which episodes of Battle Shinhwa that Jiwon made her appearance?

I think she didn’t appear on that show…

Juhyun with friend

Juhyun with friends

[Tutorial]How To Get Into Fansign Event in Korea

In case SPICA hold their fansign events someday

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[ #주현 ] 18.04.2014 || Juhyun & Lee Youmi (Crédit : hanjungwon_youmi)


Baby ♡♥