140915 Lee Sora’s Music Plaza Secret Singer Kim Bohyung - Lost Child


140916 Juhyun’s Instagram Update @wneoddk


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showchampion1: 스피카.S로 더 스페셜 하게 돌아왔어요! 여성미 폴폴~ 점점 더 예뻐지는 스피카.S가 오늘 저녁 6시에 찾아갈게용^^ 

140914 SBS Inkigayo - SPICA.S - 남주긴 아까워? (Give Your Love)

140911 Mnet Multi Cam

[PERFORMANCE] 140911 남 주긴 아까워? (Give Your Love) @ MNET M! Countdown


140912 스피카.S SPICA.S Give Your Love Promo - Greetings on Melon


140912 스피카.S SPICA.S explaining Give Your Love’s dance points


140913 SPICA.S - Give Your Love (Debut Stage)


Hi thank you for your tumblr ! Do you know how Spica's members live ? It's seems Narae and Jiwon live together, but Boa, Juhyun and Bohyung ? Do they live in the same building ? Thank you for your answer

Narae and Jiwon are living together while other members live separately

[PERFORMANCE] 140912 남 주긴 아까워? (Give Your Love) @ Music Bank